BSNL Employees Union has written to  BSNL Management protesting against the delay in constituting the National Council.

The inordinate delay in constituting the Council has no justification. The results were out in May 2016. Almost full seven months are over.This never has happened in the past. Is the management trying to evade the Council and keep the unions from discussing the issues with the recognised union/s?

Another issue is that instructions are issued by BSNL that the recognised union can nominate members to the Council from its own members only. This is a ridiculous decision. In the past, the recognised union had nominated members of other unions and the same were accepted after the concerned member declared that he is willing to accept the nomination. It can be done now also. It is to be remembered that the recognised union represents the entire workers. The Management can submit to the Ernakulam High Court, where a case is pending, that the Management is willing to accept such nominations, which was always the practice since the formation of the National council in BSNL.

Will the BSNL Management act with out further delay? It seems that only one meeting of the National Council was conducted in the entire year 2016, instead of one meeting every three months. This is completely inacceptable.

BSNL Management should take immediate action to hold the National Council meeting.