NFPTE, the mighty united organisation of P and T employees was formed on 24th November 1954, 62 years back, at New Delhi by merging all the existing unions.
During its existence of 31 years, till it was bifurcated in to NFPE and NFTE in 1985, it continued as the crusader fighting for the cause of the workers. NFPE and BSNLEU are the true inheritors  of the movement today.
BSNLEU continues to uphold the great revolutionary tradition of NFPTE. It continues to follow the correct path shown by Babu Tarapada, Henry Barton, Dada Ghosh, K.G.Bose and others.
On this NFPTE Day, let us pay homage to the thousands and thousands of martyrs and workers, whose sacrifices have made a difference for the better.
NFPTE Day Zindabad!
Postal BSNL Fraternity Zindabad!