The latest Indore – Patna train accident yesterday night has taken away about 90 valuable lives. Hundreds have been seriously injured. It is a shocking incident. My heartfelt condolences to the families, relatives and friends of the deceased.

This is not a lone accident. Almost every month one or two major or minor accidents are taking place. Incidentally, I was a passenger in another train in the same route, the same night.

I am a regular train traveller for the last five decades or so. Never have been the train movement so jittery and shaking. Whenever the train takes speed, it seems that not only the train is moving forward, but it is also shaking abnormally. Passengers moving inside the train or sitting in the toilets etc. have to be very careful that they do not fall down.

Most of the railway tracks have passed their life-period and are to be replaced. By reducing the number of gang men and other workers who check up the tracks are reduced and no mentionable modernisation takes place. The continued governments at the centre, whether UPA or NDA, completely failed to look after the security of the Railway passengers. After every accident, an official inquiry is set up. Neither the report is published nor any remedial action is taken. Everything is forgotten till another accident takes place.

The government and the Railway Ministry are playing with the valuable lives of the passengers. A High Level Judicial inquiry under the chairmanship of a judge of the Supreme Court should be ordered and the culprits who are responsible should be punished. Strict guidelines should be issued for ensuring the safety of the passengers.