It is reported in the press that more than 40 people have died in standing in queue or through suicide due to desperation as a result of the demonitisation. Huge queues continue before banks, ATMs and Post Offices for change of notes or remitting of old notes to the banks. Yesterday when going through New Delhi, I could see the queues with hundreds, two hundreds people patiently waiting for their chance to get a few notes for their daily needs. Prime Minister Modi said to wait for 50 days. Could not this difficulties been avoided by well planning?

The M.P.s are fully justified in taking the government to task in the Parliament. The situation is not that ‘strong tea’ is supplied. It is something beyond that just like poison. Prime Minister, please remember that more than 40 people have died by drinking this ‘strong tea’, which means it is poisonous also.

The Prime Minister should take immediate action to reduce the sufferings of the people. He should also ensure that the big sharks do not get away despite demonetisation.