The demonetization  implemented by the Modi Government  has put the common people to untold sufferings. There are long queues before the ATMs and people waiting for hours together to getting a few hundred notes for day to day needs. Village people with no bank accounts and Adhar are at a loss what to do. Two persons in the queue have died. Banks do not have sufficient notes, majority ATMs are closed after the filled up notes are withdrawn. Life of people are completely deranged.

The Modi government is not worried about the hardships of the people   It only wanted to take political mileage before the elections in a few states including that of UP. It is stated that the decision was taken about six months back which means a good number of people and especially at the higher level are aware of the same.

In the Indian situation, where corruption is rampant, the possibility of the rich and powerful getting prior scent of the action and carefully converting their black money can not be ruled out. The government should immediately examine the entire big transactions of the last five-six months  and take stringent actions, if it is sincere in catching black money.

The Government and Reserve Bank of India should take immediate steps to make available sufficient currency to the people to ameliorate their hardship.