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It is reported that the government of India has approved formation of a tower company, bifurcating BSNL. This decision is to be condemned and opposed with all our might. The above decision of the government is to disintegrate BSNL by making it a loss making company and then sell strategically or otherwise.

The Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations has taken the correct decision to oppose the formation of tower company. The programme on 26th October 2016 should be made a massive action with participation of maximum workers.

BSNL Employees Union and the Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations have the proud record of defeating government decisions on disinvestment of BSNL, VRS/CRS of one lakh workers as also unbundling of the valuable cables for the benefit of the private players. Till now, the government could not implement any of these decisions for which the workers and unions have to be congratulated for their rock like unity and firm determination which defeated the govt. decisions.

It is hoped that all the unions/associations will join together to defeat the attack on BSNL and its workers. We can not allow BSNL to be disintegrated. Fight to the last!