The following is an epic struggle of the P and T workers in Assam to safe gusrd the workers from outsiders’ attacks.

On 30th January 1971, Ex-MLA one R.M.Das entered the Karimganj exchange with about 100 persons and beat the telephone operators on duty, including ladies, causing severe injuries.

On complaint, 6 miscreants were arrested, but not  the main accused, due to his influence in the government. Assam P and Co-ordinating Committee leaders met the Chief Minister on 2nd February and requested for action against the culprits, but nothing was done.  This infuriated the employees, who went on strike from the same day.

The entire P and T services in Assam were at a standstill. NFPTE General Secretary Com.A.S.Rajan and other General Secretaries met the Communications Minister and apprised him of the serious situation. The Minister assured to take immediate action against the culprits, police protection will be provided to the staff, no disciplinary action will be taken against the officials and also no dies-non will be issued.

On the basis of these assurances, the strike was called on the 6th February 1971.

It is through such local struggles that NFPTE became a very powerful organisation in due course.