The 10th Federal Council Meeting held at Guwahati from 07th to 9th September 2016 has adopted a strong resolution demanding the scrapping of the NPS for those recruited from 01-01-2004 and demanded that all those employees recruited from 01-01-2004 also should be made eligible for the Defined Benefit  Pension Scheme. In the Strike Notice issued by the National JAC of Central Government employees also, the same demand has been raised.

This is fully justified. The Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations should also demand that all the employees appointed from 01-10-2000 ( date of formation of BSNL) should be granted the Defined Statutory Pension as in the case of the DOT appointed and BSNL absorbed employees. The discrimination between the two set of employees should be removed and justice given to the BSNL appointed employees.