India has to cover its face with shame. 30%, almost 1/3 of its population are under poverty line, with only $ 1.90 ( about Rs. 126.00) a day. The number comes to about 36 crores. India has got maximum poor people in the world followed by Nigeria, an African country.

The increase in the poor population is mainly due to the pro-rich, pro-corporate policy of both the UPA and NDA governments. Another reason is the low literacy rate which is due to its lack of interest in education by the government. There are only two states which have full literacy, Kerala and Tripura, which are both ruled by Left Parties.

“The Rich becomes Richer and the Poor becomes Poorer” – This is completely true with regard to India. Is it not time to change this sad situation? The political parties, social reformers,  working class, educationists, trade unions – all have to think and act to change this unacceptable situation.