According to the latest Forbes List of Super Rich Indians, Mukesh Ambani has kept his first position as the richest Indian. He has also increased his wealth from $ 18.9 billion to $ 18.9 billion In the list of richest Indians, next comes Dilip Shanghvi ($ 16.9 billion), Hinduja Brothers ( $15.2 billion), Azim Premji ($15 billion)and others.

While thousands of such rich persons have increased their wealth substantially, crores of poor people have become poorer and more people have become in the poor category. The government is boasting of increasing the wealth of the country. Of course it is true that the wealth of the country has increased, but most of it has gone to the coffers of the rich and powerful. The ordinary and poor people are the losers. Can this be called democracy of the people?

All the people have got a right to live in this country and the government has got a duty to ensure it. But the actions of the government are only to help the corporates and the rich. Strong protest and retaliatory action are required to change the policy of the government.