What we have been telling all along about safeguarding BSNL assets, including land,  buildings etc. has been pointed out by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament. It has asked the central Government to investigate and take action against concerned officials for mismanagement of land under BSNL.

The PAC approved the CAG report on land management in this connection.

According to PAC, BSNL is having 402.99 lakh sq.m of land asset. Out of this 1,953 plots measuring 32.46 lakh sq.m are completely vacant plots.

The PAC has also pointed about huge encroachment of BSNL  land in various circles. In fact, BSNLEU had brought about such encroachments in Telecom Factories at Jabalpur, Richai, Kharagpur etc. to the BSNL after the joint visit of Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, then General Secretary BSNLEU and Shri Nigam, GM (TF), Corporate Office to all the Telecom Factories. Encroachments  in other places were also pointed out, in some places by the Muncipalities/ Corporations.

Now , it is high time that BSNL Management takes this as an important task. The present opportunity can be utilised to get full ownership of these assets from the Government / DOT.