Since  formation of unions in P&T, struggles were organised. Sometimes, the workers have gone on strike action all of a sudden  against gross injustice. It is such a strike that had happened in the Telegraph Work Shop, Calcutta in July 1937.

The strike started in the galvanising section of the workshop by about 100 workers demanding increase in wages for the night shift and also for working on Sundays. Next day, more than 1000 workers of the workshop went on strike in  support of the galvanising workers who are on strike.

A report published in the “Statesman” of 14th July 1937, in this connection is quoted below:

“About 1,000 workmen of the Government Telegraph Workshops, Alipore comprising blacksmith, fitters and laskars, went on strike yesterday morning. These men, it is understood, have not formulated any demand, but have “downed tool” in sympathy with 86 men of the galvanising department, who struck work on Saturday last for an increase in wages, mainly, a day and a half wages for night shift and double wages for Sunday work.”

Two important things are to be noticed. The workers in one section went on strike on their own demands and the other workers in the same workshop went on solidarity strike. Yes the P&T workers have a great tradition of comradeship.