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Greetings sent to the National Conference of Confederation  at Chennai is posted below:



Secretary General, Confederation of CG Employees and Workers,

New Delhi

Dear Comrade

I am very glad to know that the 25 0National Conference of the Confederation of CG Employees & Workers is being held at Chennai from 16 to 18th August 2016. It is  most appreciable that the same is being conducted on the 60 Anniversary of the formation of the Confederation  which was held on 16 August 1956.

Confederation during its 60 years of existence has been the motivating force and voice of the lakhs of Central Government Employees. It organized the historical five days strike of 1960, One Day Token Strike of 1968, 1974 Bonus Strike along with Railways and Defence and many historical struggles during this period. It’s first President was Com.Nath Pai, M.P., well known trade union leader and Secretary General Com. S.Madhusudan. Com. Dada Ghosh, then Secretary General NFPTE, played a vital role in its formation. Veteran leaders like Coms. E.X.Joseph, O.P.Gupta, S.K.Vyas and  K.K.N.Kutty have been its former Secretary Generals with another veteran Com.M.Krishnan, its present General Secretary. The disruption of the Confederation during the 1970s could be overcome within years and unity was restored and cemented. Under the leadership of Com.S.K.Vyas, it rose to greater heights.

The National Conference of Confederation is being held at a time when the working class, including the Central Government employees,are facing attacks one after another. Trade union rights are being restricted. Hard won demands are taken away. The VII CPC has not only not done justice to the employees, but has given most retrograde recommendations against which the CG employees are on struggle.

The Central Trade Unions have given call for a Nation Wide Strike on 2nd September 2016 on the demands of the common people and the working class which is expected to be participated by about 20 crores of workers including the CG Employees. I am sure the National Conference will discuss and take appropriate decisions in all these matters, which will inspire the lakhs of Central Government employees.

I, as a humble worker, who has been a participant in all the struggles and activities organized by the Confederation during these long years, wish the National Conference all success in its deliberations! My Warm Greetings to all the office-bearers and delegates participating in the Conference.

Yours comradely,

V.A.N.Namboodiri, Patron NCCPA,

New Delhi, 15 August 2016