In the Calcutta CTO heritage building with five floors, you can see lifts on both sides of the building inside. One is a usual lift as in other buildings. On the other side, the lift is of the old type, with iron bars etc. The latter was erected long back during the old British days. Though lift was provided, only the officers were allowed to use the same. The subordinate staff like telegraphists and clerks were not allowed the same. They had to climb the long steps to go upstairs.

The Indian Telegraph Association (ITA) and the All India Telegraphist Union (AITU) both took up the issue with the Chief Superintendent f Telegraphs, but no favourable decision was taken. At last after years of pressure only, the sub-ordinate staff were allowed to use the same.

Another interesting matter. There were separate Coffee House for the Anglo-Indians and the Indians. However, the Telegraphists used to take coffee in the Instrument Room (IR) to save time and to put more messages to clear the heavy traffic.