1. The First Radio Telephone Service: The first Radio Telephone Service between Bombay/Poona and London  was started on 1st May 1933. The charge for three minutes was Rs.80/-. Compare this charge with the salary of an employee, which was around Rs. 30/ only. In  no time, the service was expanded and most of the European and American  countries were connected.
  2. One hour leave for Mohammedans on Friday: As per Home Department of Government of India dated 3rd July 1913, Mohammedans were granted one hour leave for saying their Juma Prayers on Fridays.
  3. The Plight of Telephone Operators: The Telephone operators, compared to Telegraphists and Postal Clerks, came very late, only after introduction  of telephones. They were much discriminated. There was no pension for them, no promotion, no selection  grade posts and 50 hours work. This was the sad condition of the youngsters who joined as telephone operators. It is through sustained struggles that telephone operators achieved many benefits on which they were discriminated.