As at present, Annual Reports were submitted by the P and Department. The following information is from the Report of the Director- General Posts and Telegraphs for 1927:


Post Offices – 20,737. Postal officials – 1,09,726. Mail Lines – 1,61,280 miles. Articles: 1,293.5 million articles (including 51 million registered articles). Stamps sold: Rs. 60 million. Money orders: 37 Million worth Rs. 897 million. VPP: Rs. 273 million. Insured Articles: 5.7 million articles worth Rs.1.632 millions. Savings Accounts: 25,18,142 with a balance of Rs. 295 Millions. PLI: An aggregated assurance of Rs. 101 millions.Military Pension was paid worth Rs. 15.8 millions. Quinine sold to public: 13,496 lbs. (Distances and weight calculated on the British system of miles and lb. respectively).


Railway, Canal, Telegraph Offices: 2,342. Aerial line: 97,515 miles of aerial line  with 78,252 mile carrying 4,34,337 miles of wire and 1,051 miles of Cable with 78,252 miles of conductors.


Telephone exchanges: 112.Connections: 12,740 connections with 1,627 extensions. Long distance trunk service between Calcutta and Delhi opened to the public on 12, January 1927. Special repeaters installed at Patna, Lucknow and Agra.

Profit and Loss

Posts: Rs. 13 crores profit. Telegraphs: Loss Rs. 11 lacs.