A grand meeting of BSNLEU, AIBDPA and BSNLCCWF was held at Bikaner on 30th July  2016 at the Conference hall of GM Office, Bikaner. A large number of pensioners were present.The meeting was presided over by District President Hem Nath Sidh, District President of BSNLEU Bikaner. All the leaders and guests were garlanded and welcomed. District Secretary Com. Gulam Hussain welcomed all. The meeting was addressed by Comrades Kamal Singh Gohil, Circle President, BSNLEU, Vijoy Singh, All India Org. Secretary, Ashok Pareek, Circle Secretary, J.P.Sharma, AIBDPA, Nihal Singh President AIBDPA, Rasheed Ahmed, Dist. Secretary AIBDPA and other leaders.

The meeting was also addressed by well known scientist Shri Sagar Dhara and Adv. Sajan Kumar, who spoke about the climate change and the necessity of maintaining the balance between nature and man.

Comrade V.A.N.Namboodiri, Patron BSNLEU, Advisor AIBDPA and President  BSNLCCWF spoke in detail about the great victory of BSNLEU in the membership verification, the demands of the BSNL employees, the need to revive BSNL, achievement of 78.2% IDA pension fixation for BSNL pensioners, demands of the casual and contract workers etc.

Bikaner District has won in the membership verification with huge majority. Many of the leaders at Bikaner, including Com.S.N.Nigal, who retired on 30th July 2016 and for whom a grand reception was given are  the founder leaders of of E.III(N) and BSNLEU. Com.VAN Namboodiri and other leaders also participated in the farewell meeting. A large number of comrade attended the farewell meeting also.

Bikaner is a citadel of BSNLEU in Rajasthan. Congratulations!