To a question raised in the Legislative Assembly of India by Shri M.K.Acharya, the Hon’ble Member in Charge of Industries and Labour Department Mr.Bhupendra Nath Mitra, K.C.I.E., C.B.E. (Honours given by the Govt.) gave the following reply on 1st January 1926:

The number of Telegraphists as on 1st December 1925.

CADRE                        ANGLO-INDIAN    INDIAN     PAY SCALE

General Service           1,875                  687          Rs. 80-5-100-10-250

Local Service                  32                    90          Rs.  55-5-120-10-180

Station Service               71                   488      (a) Rs.  70-5-160  (b) 60-5-150

In the higher scale, most of the telegraphists were Anglo-Indians, while in the lower posts, Indians were more. Of course, the British were ruling the country. Gradually most of the posts were filled up by Anglo-Indians and Indians without any discrimination.