Due to the anti-PSU policies of the government and cancellation of mobile tenders in 2006 and later, BSNL has gone in to loss for four years since 2010-12. Now in 2015-16, it is going to have operational profit to the extent of Rs. 2,000, though the total loss is around Rs. 4,000 crore. Market share has improved  from 5th to 4th position.

The NDA government which accuses the UPA government for this downfall should help BSNL to come up further and make real profit and improve services. One thing the government can do is to immediately pay the spectrum refund charges and the allotted USO Fund of Rs. 1,250 crores to BSNL. But that is not sufficient. The government should exempt it from paying the Licence Fee and Spectrum charges. This is only reasonable, since BSNL is a fully owned governmnt company and it is the responsibility of the government to ensure that it runs profitably.

In the same way. MTNL also should be exempted from these payments.