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It is once again established that the war against Saddam Hussein in Iraq was fully unjustified. The Inquiry Committee appointed by the British Government has indicted Tony Blair, then British Prime Minister, for the same. The PTI report in this connection is given below:   

“London, Jul 6 : Tony Blair led Britain into an ill- planned, badly executed and illegal war to oust Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein based on “flawed intelligence”, an inquiry into the US-led 2003 invasion today said in a damning indictment of the former prime minister’s decision to go to war.

“We have concluded that the UK chose to join the invasion of Iraq before the peaceful options for disarmament had been exhausted. Military action at that time was not a last resort,” John Chilcot, the chairman of the official inquiry into the war set up in 2009.

The UK did not exhaust all peaceful options before joining the invasion of Iraq, the former senior civil servant said.

He also said judgments about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction “were presented with a certainty that was not justified” and post-war planning was “wholly inadequate”.

His 12-volume, 2.6-million-word report on the Iraq war comes over seven years after the inquiry was ordered by then prime minister Gordon Brown in 2009.”