The Postal Card was introduced in India on 1st July 1879 and has completed 137 years of excellent service to the common people. Though introduced in 1869 in Austria-Hungary and followed by other European countries, it took ten years to reach India. The first Indian Postal Card was issued with a price of quarter Anna.

The Postal Card or Post Card as it is called now, is still the cheapest form of postal communication with only a cost of Paise 50. It is simple, cheap, takes less place (one third of the other postal articles on an average) and is used in a big way, though its use is gradually coming down.

There were many prominent persons, who mainly used postal cards for their communication. Comrade E.M.S.Namboodiripad and Com. C.Achutha Menon, both former Communist Chief Ministers from Kerala, were two of these. I still have some of the replies received from them in postcards.

Let us hope that this cheapest and convenient form of communication does not become history in this era of revolutionary communication systems, as happened to the Telegram/Telegraphs.