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BSNL is gradually getting revived both in customer service as also on financial basis. It is in the front with regad to providing mobile connections for the last 4-5 months, much more than any private telco.

This is the time to woe more customers for BSNL. Though the demand of the Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations that BSNL service should be made mandatory as in the case of Air India for government functionaries was not accepted, the situation has come, when at the initiative of the company itself, the effort can be made.

BSNL Management can directly approach the Central and the state governments requesting them to take BSNL service in all their departments and establishments. In the same way, the state governments and other PSUs also should be approached. The details of our services, the plans benefiting the customers, any new plans which can be introduced, special consideration etc. etc. can be intimated so that both BSNL and the government can be benefited.

This is the appropriate time for achieving the target. The Unions and associations in BSNL as well the employees should take the initiative.