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71 years is sufficient to forget things small. But the end of the II World War which swallowed the lives of crores and crores of soldiers and civilians is not a small thing. It is on 9th May 1945 that the II World War was over with the complete defeat of Nazi Germany.The role of the  Red Army of the Soviet Union through its ‘Great Patriotic War’ which continued for more than three years can not be compared with any other war. It was a war for existence for the USSR against the so called Nazi War Machinery which was stated to be undefeatable and undestructable. The impossible has been made by the Red Army. The day of the complete surrender of the Nazi Army is celebrated as the ‘Victory Day’ by the USSR and later Russia on 9th May every year.

9th May 1945 was a day which changed the course of history. Red Salute to the Red Army which saved the world from Nazist – Fascist tyranny!