Kota has always been a strong centre of BSNLEU. In the same way, it is also a strong centre of AIBDPA. The District Conference of AIBDPA held at Kota on 6th April was a confirmation of this. More than 200 comrades participated. There were many retired executives and also DOT retirees who are above 80 years. The Conference was presided over by Com.R.K.Singh District President. Com. Pyarelal, Dist. Secretary AIBDPA welcomed. Coms. V.A.N.Namboodiri, Advisor, AIBDPA, K.P.Sharma, Circle President, M.K.Nagpal, Circle secretary and other comrades addressed.The report presented by the Dist. Secretary was unanimously approved.
The open session was addressed by shri A.M.Menaria, Sr.GM BSNL, Shri Sandeep Sharma MLA and Com. VAN Namboodiri. Office bearers were unanimously elected with Coms. R.K.Singh as President, Pyarelal as Dist. Secretary and Kulshreshta as Treasurer.

Com.VAN Namboodiri along with Circle Secretary BSNLEU Com. Ashok Pareek, CHQ Org. Secretary Vijoy Singh visited the Customer Service Centre in the GM office which is most customer friendly and is equipped with latest technology and infrastructure. The Sr. GM was kind enough to explain the working of the CSC, which is certified as the best one in Rajasthan.