” The Most Precious is the Independence and Freedom of the Country”

April 30th 2016 is the 41st anniversary of the defeat of the US invasion of Vietnam and the unification of the South and North Vietnam. This was the first step in the formation of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam( SRV).

It is difficult to find another country, which had to fight for decades to defend its freedom. It was a French Colony earlier, and got its freedom through fierce armed struggle in 1945 under the leadership of Ho Chi Minh. But Japan and US invaded the country. The resistance and guerrilla warfare against US attack and invasion was long and painful.

According to reports, more than 2 million Vietnam civilians, 1.1. million Vietnam soldiers, 20,000 North Vietnam soldiers and 58,000 U.S.soldiers were killed. Tens of thousands were wounded and disabled for their lives. The entire country was ruined. The US used chemical poison like Agent Orange which killed thousands. Many thousands still suffer. The cruelty of the US attack shocked the world.

But at last the mighty US had to accept defeat at the hands of the little Vietnam and backtrack to their own country. The entire world, including many in US itself, criticized the US for its inhuman attack and destruction of the country.

The  leaders of Vietnam, Ho-Chi-Minh  and his army commander Vo Nguyen Giap,  became legends in their own time.

Warm and Fraternal Greetings to the brave people of Vietnam on the occasion of the anniversary of the defeat of US invasion and formation  of Socialist Republic of Vietnam,