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The Public Accounts Committee of the Parliament has criticised the method in the contract of Public Private Participation (PPP) both in the GVK controlled Mumbai Airport and  also in  the case of DIAL controlled Delhi Airport.

The cost of the Mumbai Project was estimated first at Rs. 5,826 crore initially, but the cost rose to more than 100% to Rs.12,380 crore. The PAC also stated that this is similar to the PPP implemented in the DIAL controlled Delhi Airport.

What the trade unions and Left Parties have been telling is proved true. The PPP is nothing short of privatisation to ensure that the private companies reap huge profit out of the government properties and assets.

The case of the VVIP Chopper purchase from Augusta Westland by the Government of India has once again come to the focus after the Italian Court has jailed the officers of the company for bribing Indian officials and politicians.

Who are these persons who received benefit out of these deals? It is doubtful whether any disclosure will be made since the people behind are powerful people of politics, bureaucracy and intermediaries.