In the evening of 23April 2016, the membership verification meeting was held at Jodhpur. The compund was completely full and many comrades had to stand. More than 300 comrades participated.
The meeting was presided over by Com. Hanumanji Dhadhodia, district president. Com. Bhikaram Bishnoi, District Secretary, Jodhpur wrlcomed all participants. Shri N.R.Vishnoi, Director, AIMS, who was a senior officer in DOT greeted the workers. Comrades Vijay Singh CHQ Org. Secretary, Ashok Pareek, Circle Secretary, Madan Singh ACS,  VAN Namboodiri Patron and other comrades addressed.
The leaders spoke about the necessity of electing BSNLEU in the verification. They also spoke about the achievements of the union and what will be the further demands.
The Distict union and workers assured the leaders that Jodhpur will give a lead of more than 80%.