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The formation of Joint Action Council in BSNL by the unions/association in BSNL was a great step, which resulted in the historic strikes of 2006 (deferred after agreement) and 2007  to defend and save BSNL. Further struggles and joint actions were organised. From 2006 onwards, 6 major strikes have taken place under the leadership of JAC/Joint Forum/Forum on the issues of the workers as well for the revival of BSNL, while 5 strikes were called off after agreement.This is a great record.

Now if the unions of non-executives and associations of executives can jointly function and go on joint strikes, is it not possible to have a united union or association including both the executives and non-executives? When the number of total workforce in BSNL has been reduced from 3.5 lakhs to 2.10 lakhs and there is not much recruitment further consolidation becomes necessary.

The question of a united organisation requires to be debated for coming to a correct conclusion.