A report from Caracas, Capital of Venezuela is given below regarding declaration Friday as off day, in addition to Sunday and Saturday, to save electricity.
“Caracas, Apr 7 : Venezuelan workers will get Fridays off for the next two months as part of an emergency plan to save electricity, the president said.
Venezuela has the world’s largest proven oil reserves but its economy is a mess, with rampant inflation, shortages of goods as basic as soap and toilet paper and constant blackouts.
Now, because of a severe drought that has left levels at hydroelectric dams at extremely low levels, in order save on electricity the government is effectively shutting the labor force down for a three-day weekend, starting this Friday and lasting until June 6.
The decision was announced by President Nicolas Maduro in a speech on state TV.”

While many of the foreign countries have two days off in a week, in India it is still 6 days week. Many MNCs and private companies in big cities are having five days week in India also. This will save electricity and also will cut costs. That is why the demand for five days in BSNL is also fully justified. BSNL Management should think about the same.