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It is very clear now that the the Central Government, while shouting at top hitch  that strict action will be taken against hoarders of black money in to tax heaven and unlawful foreign accounts etc, is actually trying to delay and weaken such actions. Whether it is collecting the Rs. 20,000 crore tax arrears from Vodafone or Rs. 12,000 crore tax arrears from Nokia, or taking action against the black money put in tax havens exposed through the Panama Papers or Swiss Accounts by rich and influential persons violating tax laws – the government is dilly-dallying. The statement of the Finance Minister Arun Jaitely or RBI Governor Raghuram Rangarajan and others in power that ‘questioning of legitimacy of self-made wealth is dangerous’ and ‘strict actions will discourage foreign inflow’ etc. are only to help these law-breakers and tax evaders.

This one again proves that the government is the ‘government of the corporates, by the corporates and for the corporates.’ Expose the unholy alliance of the corporates, the government and the super rich, who jointly exploits the common people.