The three days’ campaign for membership verification in Karnataka Circle from 4th to 6th April 2016 attended by Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri, Patron and Founder General Secretary along with Com. M.C.Balakrishna, AGS, Com. B.P.Narayana, Circle President, C.K.Gundanna, Circle Secretary and other cirle office-bearers BSNLEU covered Udupi, Mangaluru and Hassan. In all the meetings, a good number of workers, including women comrades were present.

Coms.Namboodiri, C.K. Gundanna and other leaders spoke about the importance of the verification, the national situation, the struggles organised by BSNLEU and Forum on the issues of the workers and for revival of BSNL, the ‘SWAS’ programme, the achievements of BSNLEU and the issues that are being taken up and so on. They called upon the workers with the slogan ‘Each to the Polling Booth and each vote to BSNLEU’. They called upon the members to contact each and every employee, even those belonging to other unions and convey the message.

The reaction of the workers were inspiring. They assured that the support base of BSNLEU is increasing and the results will be better than in last verification. Com.Namboodiri and other leaders were affectionately received by the workers.

The presence of Former Circle Secretary, Karnataka of E.III Union, Com.Harischandra Rao, veteran leader Com. B.N.Rao, AIBDPA AGS Com.G.G.Patil and  many other senior leaders in the meetings were appreciated by the workers. At Udupi, the wife of late Com. P.Appaji, former AGS of E.III(N) union and son also attended. In the meetings, the contributions made by veteran leaders Com. M.Sadananda, former Circle Secretary, Com. Mukundan (Kundapura) and others were remembered, who made great contributions to the Karnataka BSNLEU movement.

The team  under the leadership of Coms.  C.K.Gundanna, B.P.Narayana and  M.C.Balakrishna and other leaders has taken the union to great heights in Karnataka.

Our Hearty Congratulations to the Karnataka Comrades!