22nd March 2016 is the 39th death anniversary of the great working class leader Com. A.K.Gopalan, affectionately known in the three letters AKG. He was a freedom fighter, organiser of umpteen struggles for the kisan, workers and other toiling masses. He was a member of the Politburo since the formation of CPI(M). He was jailed several times and in was in jail even on 15th August 1947, on the day India got Independence. He hoisted the National Flag in the jail on that day. Com.AKG was the leader of the opposition since the first parliament and fought for the workers and people inside and outside the Parliament. He was closely connected with the P and T trade union movement. Whether it is the 1960 strike or the 1968 strike or many local struggles, his intervention ensured results for the working class. I cherish those many occasions when he guided and advised us and supported us in the struggles.

On his death anniversary we pay our respectful homage to Com.AKG.

Red Salute to Com. AKG!