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The DOT and the central government is unnecessarily delaying grant of 78.2% IDA Pension fixation for pre-10-06-2013 and pre-2007 BSNL absorbed pensioners. The delay can not be justified at all. It is about three years since the 78.2% IDA was granted to the employees and to those retired after June 2013. But those retired before that date is yet to get the same.

The file is moving from desk to desk  in DOT without finalisation. Assurances are plenty that the file will be sent to Cabinet early, but every time some new problem or unnecessary question arises and the files continues to be in DOT.

This discrimination and injustice should end. The BSNL pensioners should be granted to the pre- June 2013 and pre-2007 pensioners.

AIBDPA has called for massive protest by Dharna on 10th March 2016 demanding 78.2% IDA Pension fixation. Participate in the programme fully by bringing all the pensioners to the dharna.

We shall fight! We shall win!  We shall not allow the government to cheat the pensioners of their hard earned right!