An examination of all the membership verifications of non-executive unions conducted in BSNL since 2002, it can be seen that BSNL Employees Union is the only union which has been the recognised union since the II verification. It was a surprise that despite thousands of employees retiring every year, it increased the membership for many years.

Why BSNLEU is increasing its strength continuously which no other union is able to do? the following are some of the reasons:

  1. BSNLEU upholds the working class ideology. Since 1991 Bhopal AIC where Coms. VAN Namboodiri and Moni Bose have been elected as President and General Secretary respectively, a big change has come in the telecom unions. The reformist ideology which the earlier leadership has been imposing has been replaced by the forward, progressive and working class ideology and the workers are happy. After formation of BSNL Employees Union, it continued the great tradition of K.G.Bose. The majority of the workers have taken BSNLEU to their hearts.
  2. A trade union has as its most important task, the settlement of issues of the workers, big or small. BSNLEU since its inception has been implementing this responsibility with success. Whether it is wage revision, promotion or any other issue, BSNLEU has taken the issue and settled.
  3. BSNLEU is part of the national and international  working class. It is affiliated with CPSTU and has implemented all the calls given by the Central Trade Unions since its inception. It is affiliated to Trade Union International (Public Services) which is part of the World Federation of Trade Unions(WFTU).
  4. BSNLEU always function democratically from top to bottom. Conferences and committees are held in time and democratic discussions take place. The opinions of the members and functionaries are given importance and acted upon.
  5. As long as this connection with the workers is maintained, no union can defeat BSNLEU.