Ranchi, Dec 19 : The Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) today expressed apprehensions over Centre’s policies on labour laws as it aimed to highlight the issue of unemployment in coming months.
The ongoing general council meeting of CITU has decided to bring the issue to the forefront, which has been part of its 12-point charter of demands, the union’s general secretary and MP Tapan Sinha said today.
“… unemployment is grasping the economy like a cancer … the CITU has decided to go for a big fight against Centre’s policies in the next two-three months,” Sen told a press conference here.
CITU would unite students, women, youth, farmers and the labour force in support of the “Right to Work” of the unemployed and the “Right to Job” security of workers, he said.
He alleged that regular workers were being turned into casual or contractual employees in the background of 19.8 per cent registered factories being closed by December, 2014.
“The situation will worsen as we understand that there will be more cuts in the next budget,” Sen claimed.
He said the CITU has also deliberated on the tea sector facing the heat in its ongoing general council and discussed as to how its workers faced difficulty in being absorbed in the industrial sector.
Sen also said, “The Centre’s move to reform labour laws on the pretext of ‘ease of doing business’ will leave the mazdoor with no social security and drive them out of job… even former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had sung the same tune, but it did not happen.” (PTI)