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Despite 68 years after Independence, India is at 130th rank among 188 countries in Human Development Index. HDI is a summary measure to assess long term progress in three basic dimensions of human development – a long healthy life, access to knowledge and a decent standard of living.

Norway, Australia and Switzerland are the first three in ranks. The rank of Bangla Desh and Pakistan, our neighbors, are 142 and 147 respectively. Among BRICS nations ie. Brazil, Russia, India, China and S.Africa – India is in the lowest position.

Crores of Indians have no dwellings on their own and are staying in open spaces. Crores of children do not get education. There are again crores who can not have two meals a day. Lakhs of crores of rupees are given as subsidy to the corporates and big business. Ministers and high level people are involved in corruption of thousands of crores of rupees. Black money of lakhs of crores of rupees are still not confiscated. A parallel economy is allowed to function. But neither the Congress nor the BJP, which are the ruling parties for more than six decades do not have time to think about the condition of the poor. They should be kicked out for ignoring the conditions of the poor in this country.