Kolkata, October 14th – 6 prominent Left Parties of the state today met at Muzaffar Ahmad Bhawan in Kolkata today and has announced that a mammoth rally against communalism and imperialism will take place in Kolkata on 16th October. Announcing this on behalf of 6 Left parties of State CPI(M) Politbureau Member Biman Basu said that all those mass organizations and Left political groups who are against communalism and imperialism, especially in the light of the fact that after the BJP Government has sworn to office there has been over 1000 communal  riots in the country, are welcomed to join this rally. .Every participating organizations can carry its own placards and join the rally. He also invited the personalities who work in the arts and cultural field to join on that date.

Along with Biman Basu, the leaders of the Left Parties viz. Probodh Panda (CPI),Khsithi Goswami (RSP), Naren Chatterjee (Forward Block)Partha Ghosh (CPI(ML )Liberation) and Deboprasad Sarkar (SUCI ) took part in the meeting . In the press conference CPI(M) Politbureau Member Biman Basu also welcomed the decision of various authors and luminaries to return their awards in protest against the murder of Prof Kalburgi, Govind Panesar and Narendra Dabholkar  and against the Dadri Incident and the growing religious intolerance being promoted by the BJP led Union Government.

‘The BJP Government is trying to build up an unknown India where people cannot abide by their culture and taste’ West Bengal has got a rich heritage of standing up to communal divide and following that ethics  steps should be taken to arrest the communal divide‘ CPI(M) Politbureau Member Biman Basu said in the press conference .(PTI)