Today, 2nd October 2015,  is the 136th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation. The nation observes the day as Gandhi Jayanti.

During these almost one and half century, the world has changed more than it has changed in thousands of years. The colonial powers have been weakened and number of countries got freedom, like India. The technology in all spheres have advanced and is advancing in every second to say.

But still, India is grappling with severe poverty. The rich has become richer and the poor, the poorer. About 40% are still illiterate. Social justice is not available to crores of people. Brutal exploitation continues.

The ideals and wishes of Gandhiji are forgotten by the rulers of this country. Mere celebration of Gandhi Jayanti is not sufficient. Action is required for the uplift of the Daridranarayanas.

We pay respectful homage to the Father of the Nation on this day!