US, NATO, EU hypocrites. Measures to support migrants and refugees now!

Sep 25 2015


The WFTU expresses its solidarity with migrants and refugees from Syria and other Middle East countries, North Africa and Asia. We support their demands for human, humane and respect for their rights conditions.

The measures adopted by the EU summit yesterday contains serious risks rise in the number of migrants killed at the border of the EU and trapping many migrants and refugees in countries such as Greece, Italy, Spain, etc. despite their will, with higher transport costs and high risk in the hands of illegal traffickers who exploit them.

The call of the European Union for the end of the war in Syria as well as the alleged “sympathy” with the problems of refugees can only be explained as hypocrisy. US, NATO, the European Union and its partners in the framework of inter competencies are to blame for what is suicide in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. Organized invasions and imperialist interventions undermine and block the right of the peoples of the region to decide themselves to their present and future, forcing millions to migration. Its aim is the control of natural and financial resources and transportation routes of energy. These policies generated imperialist racism, fascism and xenophobia.

At the same time, apart from the drama of the journey of migrants from the countries of origin to their destination countries, the European Union is preparing the next day for refugees and immigrants. Ie their exploitation as very cheap and flexible labor and as a key For greater degradation of labor rights of all workers.

On this basis, the WFTU calls for:

– The abolition of the Schengen and Dublin agreements. Dissolution of Frontex and all the repressive mechanisms.

– Stop the repressive measures of the European Union borders.

– Immediate cessation of the imperialist interventions of the EU and US-NATO.

– Direct transfer of refugees from the entry points to the countries of their final destination.

– Increase staff and infrastructure to the rescue, registration, housing, food, medical care and safe transfer of people.

– Creation of centers worthy of welcome and hospitality


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