New Delhi, September 30: The joint meeting of Central Trade Unions was held in INTUC office on 30th September 2015. Dr. G. Sanjiva Reddy presided over the meeting. It was attended among others by Gurudas Dasgupta (AITUC), Tapan Sen, A.K. Padmanabhan (CITU), A.D. Nagpal (HMS), Satyawan (AIUTUC), S.P. Tewari (TUCC), Rajiv Dhimri (AICCTU).

LPF, SEWA, UTUC had informed of their inability to attend due to preoccupations and has agreed to the decisions.

The joint meeting of the Central Trade Unions held at INTUC Office at New Delhi on 30th September 2015 reviewed in details the countrywide general strike of 2nd September 2015.

CTUOs congratulated the working people all over the country to stage the biggest ever general strike on 2nd September against the anti-people and anti-worker policies of the Govt. CTUOs al a expressed gratitude to people from all walks of life for extending wholehearted support to the strike action by the working class.

CTUOs expressed serious concern over the repressive measures let lose on the striking workers by the governments/managements in different places throughout the country. CTUOs opposed suspension of 15 workers in BHEL, Hardwar for taking part in the strike e and demanded immediate withdrawal of the suspension orders.

CTUOs denounced the brutal repressions on ASHA workers in Telangana striking continuously since 2nd September 2015 and demands upon the Telangana government to sort out the issues in consultation with the unions instead of pouncing upon them

CTUOs call upon the working class to keep themselves prepared for further united struggle if the government does not respond positively to the 12 point demands of the workers. The CTUOs also urge upon the government to respond to the message given by the countrywide general strike in  true spirit and immediately resume negotiation with CTUOs on the 12 point charter of demands and implementation of the consensus recommendations of successive Indian Labour Conferences (43rd to 46th).

CTUOs call upon the workers and trade unions of all affiliations to widen and strengthen the unity of the working people realized through long process of struggles including strikes and prepare for ensuing phase of united struggle on the just demands of the workers and the people. (Courtesy: Ganashakti)