According to the Minister of State for Finance, Jayant Sinha, the government will invest Rs. 8.5 lakh crore for the Railway Sector. The amount is being invested to change the face of the sector, the MoS stated.

The reality is something different. The government has already decided for private participation in the Railways. These Rs. 8.5 lakhs will be utilised to ‘make it easy’ for the corporates to run the railways. It is to be remembered here that the government (Airport Authority) spent thousands of crore of rupees for the modernisation  of Chennai and Kolkata Airports. Immediately afterwards, the government decided for private participation of these two profitable airports with about Rs.200 – 300 crore of investment from corporates. It was only due to the strong opposition from the Airport employees as also the public that the government was compelled to defer it.

In Railways also, the investment will be from the Government and the profit will go to the private. Why the government could not think about the investment before any private participation was thought of. It is clear. PPP means, funds from the Public and the Profit for the corporates! Of course, Modi Government has to repay the huge election funds got from the corporates and big business.