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Family values, ethics, relations are all changing in the world of corporates and high society. Everything is fine in the war for wealth and fame. This is one of the lessons that Sheena Bora murder teaches.

Marriages one after another, lies, murders, conspiracies, high level tours world over, purchasing the police and authorities, the latter succumbing to money and pressure – all are there; the rotten side of the society, but well covered until accidentally exposed due to some unexpected incident.

Remember the case of murder of Sunanda Pushkar, wife of former Minister and sitting M.P., Shashi Tharoor as also the murder of Jessica Lal in a Delhi Bar. Cases were closed for lack of evidence or leniently dealt with until something happened to reopen it.

Muscle Power, Money Power and State Authority  combined together sometimes make justice a mockery. It is a ray of hope that at least one in a thousand such cases are exposed despite all the above obstacles.