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Another promise by Modi Government is broken. It was assured earlier that the declassification of files connected with Netaji Subhas Bose will be favourably examined.  It is 70 years since the disappearance of Netaji after a plane accident. One view is that he died in the accident on 18th August 1945 and his body is laid to rest in a temple in Japan. The other view is that he survived the accident and lived incognito.

There is not an iota of doubt that he is no more. The people has got a right to know what happened to the revolutionary leader who fought for the freedom of the country. But now, once again, the government has decided not to declassify the Netaji Files and make it public. This time, the plea for not declassifying is that it will adversely affect relations with foreign countries.

This is a bogus plea. Finding out the truth about an incident happened about 70 years ago is not have any major effect on any body.

The Government needs to rethink on the matter.