It is reported that the Central Government has decided to put on hold the proposal of modernisation (read privatisation) of the Airports at Chennai and Kolkata. It was earlier decided to hand over these two airports to the private companies like Delhi and Mumbai, in the name of modrnisation. There were strong protests from the employees as well as public since privatisation will result in higher charges for the passengers. Further, modernisation worth thousands of crore of rupees have already been done by the Airport Authority. By putting a few hundreds of crores, the private companies were to get the running of these two airports and huge profit.

At the same time, the government has not dropped the proposals for the ‘modernisation’ and handing over of airports at Jaipur and Ahmedabad, which have also been upgraded by the Airport Authority. These two airports are also profit-making ones.

It is interesting that neither the government proposes to privatise any of the loss making airports; nor the private companies are prepared to take them.

The government policy is that the ‘profit for the private and the loss for the public.’