Bhopal AIC – OPG defeated, Moni Bose elected as GS, E.III Union

The polling continued for many hours. With more than thirty names in the ballot paper, it was not easy for the delegates to tick the names they supported and to vote. Smaller circles could complete the voting earlier, but it took much more time for the big circles. It took many hours to count the ballots which almost continued for a good portion of the night also.

When the results started coming from the circles one by one, delegates looked up unbelievingly. It became almost sure that OPG, General Secretary, was going to be defeated. Frantic efforts were made by the group to stop announcement of the results by raising untenable objections.

Homi Daji, President and Presiding Officer, was pressurized not to announce results. But he stood firm and did not want to be seen as taking a wrong position in front of thousands of delegates. There was pin drop silence, when the President announced that he was going to declare the results.

The results were announced for the posts one after another with the number of votes received. V.A.N.Namboodiri was declared elected as President and Moni Bose as General Secretary with good majority. Out of 15 posts of office-bearers, OPG group got only 4 posts, that too with very thin majority.

The following were declared elected from Moni Bose panel:

President                                 : Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri

Vice-Presidents                       : Com.A.K.Saramma

:Com.Anima Banerjee


General Secretary                  :Com.Moni Bose

Asst. General Secretaries       :Com.M.N.Reddy


Treasurer                                 :Com.Begraj Khari

Asst. Treasurer                        :Com.P.S.Sangwan

Coms. N.T.Sajwani, N.Y.Lokhande(Vice-Presidents), R.K.Kohli and S.Jagannathan(Asst. General Secretaries) got elected from OPG’s panel.

Federal Councilors

The election to the posts of Federal Councilors to NFTE was also conducted. Out of 35 posts, a good majority were elected from Moni Bose’s panel. The list of the elected Federal Councilors is given below:

Comrades Gunasekharan, S.B.Borkar, R.L.Mondal, Gour Saha, Swadesh Das, A.K.Bhattacharjee, Paritosh Bose, Shibdas Banerjee, J.Ranganathan, P.Abhimanyu, P.V.Chandrasekharan, S.N.Sarma, P.Ramaswami, P.Asokababu, N.T.Sajwani, S.B.Srinivasan, R.S.Yadav, M.Madhusudana Rao, R.K.Totre, M.P.Dalwadi, M.N.Khokhani, N.Chakravarthy, S.Siddiqui, B.B.Raut, L.N.Mishra, S.G.Pawar, B.P.Sharma, K.L.Sharma, D.V.Lavadia, M.B.Vichare, Triveni Rai, Sriram Swarankar, J.Sampath Rao and J.S.Pandey.

OPG accepts the results

Though shocked and reluctant at first, O.P.Gupta out-going General Secretary, accepted defeat and assured full co-operation to the new team. The AIC ended amidst slogans welcoming and congratulating the newly elected office-bearers.

Thus the Bhopal AIC ended with a change of team. The old reformist leadership was defeated and a new set of office-bearers with V.A.N.Namboodiri as President and Moni Bose as General Secretary were elected to the leadership of the biggest union in telecom. (to be continued).