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The WFTU has issued the following statement on 03 Aug 2015:
The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) that represents more than 92 million workers all over the world expresses its strong solidarity with our class brothers and sisters of India, who prepare a National General Strike for September 2nd.

During the last years India has met great financial rise. It is member of BRICS, has nuclear arsenal and space program. But this financial boom is not a benefit for most of the one billion people of India. Skyscrapers are built next to the slums. Extreme wealth is gathered next to starving people. While the rich become richer, the wretched are once more the victims. The growth of the capitalist economy is always based on the escalation of the exploitation of the working class. Today that India and its bourgeois political forces take pride on the economic and military strength of the Indian Nation; the vast majority of the people live the contradiction of pauperization.

In these conditions the struggle and the demands of the Trade Union movement of India is just. The WFTU affiliates in India have been preparing this strike for months, showing the determination and the will of the class forces to mobilize the great force of the working people. The success of the National General Strike in India, on September 2nd will be a success for the working class of the world.

Especially this year, when the WFTU celebrates its 70th Year Anniversary, we would like to highlight the historic contribution of the class trade union movement of India to the World Federation since its foundation. It is a fact that without the struggles and the contribution of the trade union movement of India, the international class trade union movement would not be the same.

The WFTU expresses its internationalist support and solidarity to the struggle of its Indian brothers and calls all trade union organizations of WFTU to stand in solidarity with the National Strike of the Indian working class.

Long Live International Solidarity! Long Live the class trade union movement of India! All success to the National General Strike of September 2nd!