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the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) has expressed its strong reservation and protest against the intensification of co-operation between Greece and Israel. An expert from the statement is reproduced below:

“The WFTU considers the intensification of the cooperation between Greece and Israel not only dangerous for the Palestinian people who are daily suffering from the Israeli Occupation. This co-operation is dangerous for the general peace around the Mediterranean Sea. Mediterranean Sea is threatened by this new development. This is part of the  imperialist plan  for Higher share from the exploitation of the wealth-producing resources.

The military relationship of Greece with Israel not only undermines the Palestinian People and the  people of Lebanon, of Syria, of the whole North Africa and Promotes the studs of the Imperialists for the so called New Middle East.

The WFTU demands  the Greek Government to vote in the Greek Parliament the recognition of the Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as capital as per the borders of 1967 to denounce the Israeli Occupation  and to end the military cooperation and the training jointly with Israel.

Also, the WFTU demands the cancellation of the plan of Offering of a Greek Island to NATO, to use as wide military base.”