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A report from TUI(P and T), WFTU, on the New Attempt to Silence the Action of the Class Trade Unions in Greece is reproduced below:

The Executive Secretariat of PAME denounces the Mayor and the Municipal Authorities of
Kalamata (city in the Southern Greece) for demanding PAME to pay a fine of almost 1000€!
The infringement they accuse PAME of, is “creating pollution by using banners” to call to
demonstrations against the new, brutal Memorandum of SYRIZA and the anti workers’
measures that destroy our lives!
The absolute silence they demand; the attempts to create obstacles in people’s mobilization
only prove that they are with the side of the capitalists.
PAME, its forces, are not intimidated, are not subjugated! Steadfast, militantly they stand
against the capital, the EU and their servants in every level. Central, regional or municipal.
We return your fine back at you! Send it to the capitalists and the Government!
We call the working class of Kalamata, the self employed, the small farmers and especially the
youth, in spite of our differences, to rally with PAME, the social alliance and strengthen it. To
strengthen our common action against those who want to destroy us, the European Union, the
monopolies, their political parties, and their servants, like the Municipal Authorities of Kalamata.
They support the old and New Memoranda, the anti workers policies, the extreme taxation to
the people. They support our pauperization with wage cuts, pension cuts, rise of retirement age
to 67 years, to 72.
We call you to demand the recover of our losses, our contemporary needs, to strengthen
solidarity. No one to be alone in the crisis