The National Convention of Central Public Sector Trade Unions held at Bengaluru on 25th July 2015, participated by delegates from Central Trade Unions and Independent Federations has decided to ensure that all the  employees fully participate in the 2nd September 2015 Strike. The Strike is called jointly by the 11 Central Trade Unions and Independent Federations of CG Employees, State government Employees, PSU Unions etc. demanding among others Rs. 15,000 minimum wage for contract workers, halt to price rise, protesting against the move to amend the labour laws etc.

The 2nd September 2015 General Strike is going to be the biggest strike in free India. It is every worker’s duty not only to participate, but to ensure that all workers fully participate in the same and the message goes through out the country that the workers are not going to tolerate the anti-worker policy of the government..