Contribution to J&K Relief Fund

There was heavy rain and unprecedented floods in Kashmir in September 2014 killing hundreds of people and destroying houses and every thing. For days, Srinagar was submerged including government offices and even hospitals. Such a disaster, Kashmir never saw. The Forum Meeting held on 12-09-2014 decided to contribute one day basic pay for the Kashmir Relief Fund and addressed the BSNL Management to deduct it from the salary and pay to the relief Fund. This was done.

Memorandum to the Members of Parliament

As per decision of the Forum, a Memorandum was prepared to be given to the Members of Parliament explaining the requirement of BSNL and to take up the issue with the government. This was circulated to the Circle/District Secretaries asking them to  meet  the MPs of their constituency requesting them to take up with the Central Government.

Programmes of Action demanding Revival of BSNL

The financial position was deteriorating. For continuous four years BSNL has posted loss. Equipments are not procured due to lack of funds. The issues of the  workers are not being settled in the name of loss. Despite continued efforts of the Forum and the unions/associations, neither the government nor the management was taking any action to improve the situation. Continuous meetings of the Forum were held in December 2014 and decision was taken to organize sustained struggle including indefinite strike for  making compulsions on the government and management to take necessary immediate actions for the revival of BSNL.

  1. A Demands Day to be observed on 11th December 2014.
  2. Massive Campaign for 10 days from 11th to 20 th December 2014 by meeting the public, MPs, MLAs, Trade Unions etc. seeking support for our demands
  3. One crore signatures to be obtained from the Public in support of the demands addressed to the Prime Minister
  4. Parliament March on 19th December 2014 with massive participation on which date the Signatures will be presented to the Prime Minister.
  5. 3 days dharna on 6-8 January 2015.
  6. Indefinite Strike from 3rd February 2015.

The meeting of the Forum held on 5th December 2014 felt that more time is required for the Signature Campaign and other programmes to be organized successfully. It was also decided that state level conventions should be held in order to mobilize the workers for the indefinite strike. The General Secretaries should jointly participate in these conventions. The Forum should be formed in circles where it has not been formed so far. Such Conventions were held successfully with massive  participation. The Date of the Parliament March was also postponed for sufficient preparations, including reservation of tickets from far away places.

The Forum contacted all the unions of executives and non-executive unions in BSNL and called upon them to be party in this great struggle for the Revival of BSNL and SAVE BSNL-SAVE NATION Campaign.

19 meetings of the Forum were held in 2014 which took important decisions and implemented effectively.(To be continued)